Lakeland Oil Company

Lakeland Oil Company: Committed to Our Customers

40 years of family serviced, family owned.

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Lakeland Oil Company, a wholesale  fuel distributor, was founded in the early 1970's by Dale Chapman. Chapman's daughter, Donna Cox and her late husband, Barry, purchased the business in the mid 1980's. They hired Jeff Turner in 1988 as a tank wagon driver. Jeff purchased the business in 2003 when the Coxes retired and entrusted the family business to him.  He changed the name from Lakeland Petroleum Co. to Lakeland Oil Co.


With a growing Lake community, Lakeland Oil Co. has become the leading local wholesale distributor of gasolines, diesel fuels, and lubricants.  Providing excellent service to marinas, construction companies, school districts, mining and excavation companies, fire departments and industrial entities in the tri-county region is Lakeland's specialty.

Today, Jeff and his team specialize in timely deliveries and deliver 7 days a week during the summer months. They know that their customers need product every day, not just Monday through Friday.

Be sure to wave if you see their big white or red tank wagons rolling through town!